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Lecture 9

Lecture Slides

Final Project Instructions

Quick Announcements

  • Final Project Demonstration
    • Monday 5/6 7:30 - 8:45 PM
    • Location: Rhodes 655
    • Attendance of your whole team is required!
    • Structure of the demo day:
      • Each team will be assigned a personal table to demo your project.
      • You can visit other team's table to learn about other team's projects.
      • Instructors will visit each table one by one to grade your projects.
    • Cookies will be provided!

Containerization Concepts

Containerization allows applications to packaged with their dependencies into standardized units called containers.


  • Portability between environments
  • Ensure consistency
  • Streamline deployment

Docker is a popular containerization platform. Key concepts:

  • Images: Blueprint describing the environment
  • Containers: Running instances of images
  • Dockerfile: Defines how to build an image

With Docker we can package applications into images that can be run reliably as containers anywhere.

Docker Setup

To build a Docker image for a Node.js app:

  1. Create a Dockerfile
  2. Define base image, copy source code, specify commands
  3. Build image: docker build
  4. Run container from image: docker run

Deploying Containers

Platforms like make it easy to deploy Docker containers.

To deploy on

  1. Install flyctl CLI
  2. Sign up and login
  3. Launch app with flyctl launch
  4. Deploy updates with flyctl deploy handles running containers on their infrastructure.

Even Further Beyond

Some further technologies:

  • Redux, SWR, Axios
  • GraphQL
  • Nest.js
  • Deno

Final Course Feedback (10% of your Grade)

Let us know your thoughts by filling out Final Project Feedback Form and Final Feedback Form by May 6 (11:59PM).

Thank you!