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Version: 2021fa


Assignments will be released here after lecture! There will be 5 assignments total, as well as a final project spanning the last few weeks of the class.

You are allowed max 3 slip days per assignment (out of 6 total for all assignments and the final project).

Assignment 1: Due on CMS by 10/7 at 6:29pm

Assignment 2: Due on CMS by 10/21 at 6:29pm

Assignment 3: Due on CMS by 10/28 at 6:29pm

Assignment 4: Due on CMS by 11/4 at 6:29pm

Assignment 5: Due on CMS by 11/11 at 6:29pm extended to 11/14 by 11:59pm

Final Project: See the page for more details on deadlines!