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Version: 2020fa

Assignment 5

For A5, you'll be building a React App that utilizes conditional rendering and the concept of lifting state up.

Sam is trying to build a system to search through his friends list on SamBook, a new social media platform that he built.

For this search engine, you'll be entering a search query and maintaining two separate components: the first shows all results that contain the search query, and the second shows all OTHER results (i.e. all results that don't contain the search query).

Part 1

In App.tsx, initialize a state variable that contains the search query. Also, create an input field that interacts with this state variable.

Create a state variable that contains Sam's friends list. For simplicity, you can assume friends are just their name with type string. Make another input field and a button associated with it to add a name to Sam's list. Do not display the list in this component; we will be passing it down to child components.

Part 2

Create two components: Filtered.tsx and Other.tsx. The first one will display a list of all of Sam's friends who have the search query as a substring of their name (ignore capitalization). The second one will display all the other friends.

Part 3

Use conditional rendering to account for the case in which the filtered list is empty. Display a message such as "No friends found" if the filtered list in either component is empty.


Submit to CMS a zip file of everything in your project (create-react-app) directory but remove node_modules . Failure to remove node_modules will result in a 10 point deduction.